Yasí Yateré

Puerto paraíso

Yasí Yateré

Located in Puerto Paraiso on Route 2, 40 Km. From the town of Soberbio and 30 Km. From the Moconá Park, on the Uruguay River, in Misiones.

Only 2 cabins, built by the owners, offer accommodation within the Yasí Yateré private reserve. It offers comfort in a place removed from the reserve, and exclusivity. Ideal for couples or people looking for a place in full contact with nature without interference or contact with other people, a place of contemplation and rest.

Your goal is to preserve a small space in this wonderful world to share and enjoy.

In the Yasí Yateré reserve, there are also two paths of interpretation, in one you will discover different aromas and in the other you can enter a jungle path but in the style of botanical garden where you will find the native species of the paranaense forest.

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