Tacuapí Lodge

Aristóbulo del Valle

Tacuapí Lodge

Tacuapí Lodge is an Eco-Lodge located in the center of the province, in the heart of the Green corridor, a protected region where the Atlantic forest remains as lush as ever, blending with the environment which allows the visitor to come in full contact with nature, surrounded by a hundred and twenty waterfalls, which gave it the name of the region of the Cascades.

The constructions at the lodge gently follow the natural slopes of the terrain in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Local materials such as rocks and large chunks of wood from fallen trees, which have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of the place and have fully integrated with the natural environment. This way, it has been possible to come up with a very relaxed way, in which magic becomes shaped and the missionary mount can be enjoyed in all of its splendor and wisdom. Only the sound of birds and the Tacuapí waterfall can be heard as a sound track.

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