Salto Encantado en el día saliendo de Posadas

Duration: 8hs Start: 08:00 Posadas

Salto Encantado: A trip to the jungle

Excursion from Posadas in the day with transfer service and guide included.

Transit along the National Route 14, 12 kilometers from Aristóbulo del Valle, is the Provincial Park Salto Encantado, the place where nature broke the stream Cuñá Pirú, causing an incredible waterfall of 64 meters high in the middle of the missionary mountain. It is one of the most important protected areas in the center of the province.

The paths on deck allow everyone to feel the freshness of the mountain, the vibration of the water as it hits the stones that continues its course through the valley on the basalt floor, culminating in viewpoints with different views to the Enchanted Salto. The senses in full make the escape in a rich experience.

The package does not include:

Entrance to the Provincial Park Salto Encantado ($ 20 for Argentine residents) and lunch

Rates valid until 12/31/2019. Includes guide in Spanish. Consult guides in other languages.

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