Monte Aventura Parque Recreativo

Duration: 2hs Oberá

Monte Aventura Recreational Park

In Oberá, a proposal for lovers of adventure: Monte Aventura ... the activity is part of two hours during which after receiving visitors, we walk on mountain trails where we focus on a theme related to the care of the environment environment, the biodiversity of Misiones and its mythology.

Then we made the games of cable lane (a zip line of 70 meters long with a leg of return and another one of return), climbing (it is a palaestra of 8 meters of height approximately, where the people climb and descend doing the rappel technique) , pendulum. The assisted activities are carried out with approved safety elements and the constant accompaniment of a specialized staff.

During the two hours they can leave the games as many times as they wish.

Apart from the assisted games and the trails, we have a sector of square games (rustic), table tennis, board games and soccer field. Enjoy an incredible afternoon in an extremely beautiful place.

Minimun 2 persons.

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